Beautiful Lines

look at those lines, beautiful lines

look at them!











look at those beautiful lines,

when measuring lines with a thirty centimetre ruler it was easy to tell which was longest

and an optical illusion was not an illusion but fact

I don’t like facts or black and white

black and white does not exist

there is no such thing as ? and ?

? and ? are not colours and do not exist

? and ? are symbols of ? and ?

look at the beautiful lines,




what do you see when you look at those lines?

beauty, that’s what you see when you look at those lines, because those lines have been

made by fingers, typing on a keyboard, today, as I’m typing the moment has passed and I wonder if you will read this poem soon after I wrote it or a long time from now

The date is 05/04/2018 and the time is 20.33 (GMT)
the time is 20.34

as I paused, as the film is paused

the time is 20.35

and the film is still paused and I am not





look at the lines


look at the lines because this may be the only time

you look at these lines – see them – see those lines


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