Selected unpublished blog posts of a Mexican panda express employee by Megan Boyle: a Review

I read this over three or four days, gradually, and mainly when on a train. I loved it. It falls into a genre of confessional prose poetry, perhaps, and is uncomfortable at times. This discomfort made me not want to read certain pages but I was very glad I did. As female and having been young once, I found it very funny and could relate to the work. It succeeded in bringing up emotions and memories from my own twenties self (not all of them pleasant), but gave me a sense of solidarity and normality with this woman. It is well structured and very accessible (which is something I value) giving an apparently honest account of emotions and wry insights into a world. It created images in my mind and I liked how the poetry reflected on itself as written. Using a stream of consciousness style approach it brings to life, very cleverly, the writers experience and I felt like I knew her as she knows herself. This in itself brings up issues around poetry and blogging where it easy to disclose personal information to an unknown online (potentially huge) audience, more so than you may tell a friend or work colleague. It is written for the writer like a diary, but at the same time, for anyone who happens to read it.


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